Call for Vigilance


Regarding the Oct. 10 edition of Catholic New York; the Church has made tremendous strides in dealing with the abuse scandal. Cardinal Dolan has been a driving force in confronting this sin that has plagued the Church over decades and should be applauded for his commitment. The study and final report with recommendations, by Judge Barbara S. Jones, will better serve victims of abuse and the Church, and should be heralded.

There is another side to this issue that should be addressed, and that all parties involved, who will oversee this program, must consider. Over the past year, a rash of law firms have appeared on the scene. They have been advertising their services daily, in particular dealing with abuse, on radio, television and in most New York periodicals.

The Church and its partners must be vigilant and recognize that these lawyers are in pursuit of who they believe presents the greatest opportunity for profit. I believe they are not above chicanery, and will even exploit innocent victims to achieve their desired goal.

Bob Pascarella